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Specialist Council Student Application Form

Specialist Council Student Application/Renewal Form (Please note this application form is for members of university student locals only.)

ATA specialist councils promote and advocate for best practices in leadership and teaching through collaborative professional development, curriculum development and collegial support. Each council is operated by volunteer teacher members who contribute their time, talents, and enthusiasm to plan and implement programs and activities for the councils. Specialist councils organize annual conferences, produce publications, maintain websites, and offer regional workshops and seminars. The Association plays a supporting role by contributing financial grants, publication services and administrative advice.
Councils provide excellent opportunities for ATA members to develop leadership skills and support their teaching colleagues. Last year more than 500 active members served on provincial specialist council executives and program committees and most councils operate regional associations which allow even greater participation by teachers across the province.
Specialist councils are constantly growing and changing to meet new challenges and to provide high-quality educational leadership. New councils are formed when teachers perceive the need to explore new frontiers in education.

Student Membership—Student membership in the Association shall be granted to those enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs of study leading to first certification as teachers in the province upon payment of the prescribed fee to their ESA (Education Student Association). Student members receive all the benefits and services of council membership except the right to vote and hold office. There is no fee for student members of the Association to become student members of a specialist council. Student memberships expire on August 31 of each year. You are invited to join a council or councils of your choice. Please complete the application/renewal form below.

Please note, this application form is for pre-service education students only. Active members of the Association should use the following link to select or change their no-cost specialist council membership:
8. Please select the specialist councils you are interested in joining below: *This question is required.